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Sally's Story

"Adult Day Healthcare Center at Manor on the Hill came into our lives at just the right time. My mother was traveling during COVID to a program that was quite a distance away. My mom was accepted as one of the few clients upon the reopening of the center after COVID.

I was extremely grateful and excited to have my mom closer to home for peace of mind as we were transitioning through her illness of Alzheimer's/dementia. There wasn't a moment after meeting with the staff that I doubted this was the perfect place for her to be.

My mom, Sally, was with the program for almost a year, until her passing in December of 2023. Up until that time, the staff lovingly cared for her. They knew when she was having a bad day and would take it upon themselves to acknowledge that and do what they could to help. Believe me, some days it couldn't be done unless it was that special person who took the extra initiative to figure her out.

ADHC has always gone above and beyond for my mom. I have and always will appreciate everything they did for her. Even after her passing, their support for me has meant so much.

I can never express enough gratitude for the support they gave my mom in the last year of her life."

Sarah, Sally's Daughter

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